The Genuine Article

Never give up!  It’s the battle cry of every successful person.  It may seem a bit idealistic, but there is something magical that happens when a person’s mind is set on the getting it right instead of just getting it done.  One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie “The World’s Fasted Indian” where Jim Moffett refers to Burt Munro as “The Genuine Article.”  Burt Munro  is completely consumed with breaking the speed record for a vehicle under 1000 CCs.  He smelts his own pistons, and carves the tread off the tires to make slicks.  It wasn’t about money, fame or his ego.  It was about something bigger, breaking barriers and setting new standards.  It was his passion that made him the genuine article.

This is how I feel about online music collaboration.  It shows in GrooveZoo’s company culture and the way that I live my life.  I’m personally involved in every aspect.  I measure analytics, design new features, write code, and work side by side with our QA team to ensure we offer the best possible product.  I think about our site before I go to sleep at night and when I get up first thing in the moring.  I talk to myself in the shower about new product features and envision the future of the music business while driving down the road and on my daily runs.

These days, everyone has access to recording and I know deep in my core that the next step is enabling people with home studios to work together.  I also know that our software must be packaged and offered such that it’s easy to use, highly productive, and enables our members to create the highest quality music the possibly can.  I’ve learned a lot about online music collaboration over the years, and I’m always looking for new ways to improve it.  I know in my heart of hearts that online music collaboration is a pivotal music technology for the future of the music business.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to creating music online.  It requires a process and framework that clearly guides producers and musicians, without restricting them.  It also must guides each member through the process to set one another up for success. These and other innovations start by admitting that we don’t know everything and then moving forward with courage to uncover new ideas and and bring them to market.

I truly believe that GrooveZoo is the best collaboration tool on the Internet, and the coolest part is that I’m not done yet.  I’ll continue to iterate and innovate online music collaboration until it is a foundation of every home recording studio.


Jeremy Korn
CEO GrooveZoo
Online Music Collaboration and Music Technology



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