Rate Music Feature is Live!

GrooveZoo is all about developing music technologies that make it easy to find and connect with other musicians. The release of our Automatch feature (coming soon) embodies this mission to the core. It all starts with GrooveZoo members categorizing and rating each other. These categorizations and ratings generate data that is held private in our system and only used to match you with other members. The coolest part is that community ratings, also known as crowd sourcing, creates truly accurate data which in turn creates meaningful matches.

We planned the release of the Automatch feature since our inception and knew that it required three things to work properly…

1) Quality of Data – accurate categorization and ratings
2) Quantity of Data – enough members with demos
3) A well designed matching algorithm

While it seems that these are listed by order of importance, the fact is that all three are required for the Automatch to work in a trusted and meaningful way.

Item number three, the Automatch algorithm, was designed and tested months ago. Since then we’ve been busy advertising and populating our community. Item number two is necessary to properly seed our library with members for Automatch. Now with both of these in place, it’s time to seed the system with quality data, and this type of data can only come from one place, our community.

This is where you come in. Login and click the menu icon with the checkbox and rate some members. The number of ratings you perform will be listed on your profile in the next release to let everyone know that you’re helping make the world a better place one match at a time.

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