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Attention Music Producers!

If you are highly-skilled, driven, diplomatic, love collaborating with others, and would like the opportunity to make money creating music, then you may qualify for our GrooveCrew program. GrooveCrew members are hand-selected, proven GrooveZoo members that have the following additional access and privileges in GrooveZoo…

- Free Producer level memebership

- GrooveCrew Badge prominently displayed on your profile

- Pre-Approval of your published sessions in our GrooveZoo Distribution Program (includes GrooveZoo’s Licensing Program, rotation on GrooveZoo Radio and potential placement in our GrooveZoo Music Store)

- “GrooveZoo Distribution – Approved” on your session listings that tell members your session has a high potential for earning revenue

- Rotation on the HC Studio section of our Home Page (coming soon)

- Ability to send GrooveCrew-tagged Invites and Private Messages to other members

- Direct communication with our Marketing and Support staff

- A GrooveZoo T-shirt

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The Black Keys Stay Real

Industry News – The Black Keys Stay Real

Honesty is the best policy especially in artistic endeavors. Audiences of both live and recorded material instantly sense when something is manufactured or disingenuous and the Black Keys know to keep it real. During a recent New York Times interview, Dan Aurback and Patrick Carney talked about letting their current mental state drive the creation of their new release: “Seeing how big the shows were getting, feeling like people were paying attention, kind of made me anxious, and I think that’s part of the reason these songs are so fast. I think we wanted to just muscle through it.”

Dan Aurback goes on to say “If we’d been smart, we would have kept it like our successful record… But with music, I think maintaining the status quo is when you kind of give up.”

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Why GrooveZoo is the Only Logical Choice

I live my life with the belief that most people are reasonable and logical. It helps remind me on a daily basis that humans are not inherently bad and to give them the benefit of the doubt. So when I see companies doing things that don’t make sense, it’s obvious that greed and its root-cause fear are their guiding actions.

This is nothing new, however with the onset of the information age, transparency allows us to hear and see humanity’s greed and fear in real-time. Most importantly though, it empowers each of us to take action against it.

It’s no secret that I’m adamantly against Creative Commons (CC). CC at its core robs creative people of their rights and in the end robs them of money. Furthermore, people need to be rewarded for the value they contribute in order to survive, its a basic fact of life.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the people who support and partake in CC want to share amongst themselves and create music that is made to proliferate free of charge, that’s cool. But the most ironic and downright unethical part is how CC-based collaboration sites offer licensing and other money-making “Opportunities” to their members. This simply doesn’t make sense.

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Special Offer – 30% Off Recording and Mixing Training Videos

The Secret of the Pros video training series is one of the most valuable resources for home recording and now it’s available at 30% for GrooveZoo members (use coupon code “groove30″). The information in these videos is presented in logical, clear, concise manner from the ground up, and is is incredibly useful for musicians and producers at all levels.

It’s simple – No other series compares!

These videos will show you how to get pro results in your studios

Learn How to Record

Learn the Ultra Pro Tricks of the Trade

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GrooveZoo enables collaboration between musicians complete with member search and file storage. This allows you to find other musicians and transfer or share recording files – all in one place.

GrooveZoo offers free public Artists Pages to all members. The Artist pages are automatically updated as you create new sessions, upload files, and add sessions members. Facebook integration is also included so your fans can notify their friends about your music. Fans can subscribe to receive automatic push notification emails when your public Artist Page is updated as well. GrooveZoo artist pages are a great way to promote your music while it’s being made.

GrooveZoo is free, fast and easy to use. Signup Here

Welcome to GrooveZoo

This brief instructional video will get you groovin’ in no time. It quickly outlines the basic features on GrooveZoo so you can start collaborating with other musicians and engage your fans in the creation of your music.

The three main steps are:

1). Create a Session and upload the seed audio files for the recording project.

2). Find and invite the members you want to collaborate with on your session.

3). Collaborate and Promote your music. This is accomplished by sharing (uploading and downloading) audio files with the other members of your session. Then use your public Artist Page to promote your music to your fans and friends.

Across the Pond

We built GrooveZoo to make the world a better place for musicians and their fans. So it comes as no surprise that we love to hear stories on how our community is using GrooveZoo in new and meaningful ways. Recently one of our members, mojodrums aka Shaun McGonegal of San Francisco (aka Jonny Ostinato of Harmony Central), told us about an experience that came from simply posting his demo. Shaun was the session drummer on this track, created back in 2004 for a compilation project where a singer/songwriter Lylah Katz performed a catchy and cutting punk version of her song Wake the Dead. Shortly after posting this demo on his GrooveZoo profile, Shaun notes that “a cool guy from Denmark” sent him a message via the GrooveZoo messaging system saying he was looking for an American female vocal and wanted to work with the singer on this demo. Through Shaun’s contacts, the producer of these 2004 sessions told Lylah, she signed up for GrooveZoo and is now preparing to work with her new friend in Denmark, and re-record Wake the Dead with Shaun. All this from simply posting a demo.

Shaun’s post for this can be seen on Harmony Central Forms at:

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A Better Alternative to Creative Commons

Creative Commons
Moving music from CopyRight to CopyLeft

Jeremy Korn
CEO GrooveZoo

There is a disturbing trend in the world of unsigned recording artists, where musicians are being convinced and in some cases forced to give away the rights of their performance. It comes in the form of Creative Commons. Two very peaceful and groovy words, that when used together are the bain of every musician’s existence. Unfortunately Creative Commons is an integrated part of every file-sharing site that supports audio files. While it may seem harmless enough, your signing a deal with the devil and creating a precedence that hurts everyone from the musicians, to the producers, all the way to the end consumer. I realize there is a fine line between paranoia and absolute sanity, but my perspective is based on history, economics and human nature. When you put everything together you will clearly see the problem and some tools that you can use to fix it.

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